HSI Commands - Alphabetical List




add a equivalent to "mkdir"
abort ab abort or cancel current active file transfer
adopt ado replace Active Keyset values with a saved Keyset
annotate anno set annotation for a namespace object
bell bell toggle sounding a bell when interactive input  is needed 
bye bye alias for "end"
copy c alias for "cp"
cd cd cd[0..9] : change HPSS default directory
cdls cdl equivalent to "cd" followed by "ls"
cget cget conditional get
chacct chacc change account ID for file(s)
chacl chacl create, update or delete Access Control List entries
chcos chc change class-of-service for file(s)
chgrp chgrp change group ID for HPSS objects
chmod chmod change permissions for HPSS objects
chown chown change owner id for HPSS objects
close close close HPSS server connection
connect conn alias for "open"
cp cp copy existing HPSS file(s) to another HPSS file
cput cput conditionally put files into HPSS
crename cren condtionally rename and optionally delete files
debug debug set debug level
delete del alias for "rm"
dir dir alias for "ls"
du du tally kilobytes in files/directories
dump dump list object Nameserver/BFS metadata
echo echo toggle for displaying command input from IN files
end end terminate execution
erase erase alias for "rm" 
exit ex alias for "end"
expdelete expdel deletes expiration time for files
expfind expfind finds files whose expiration time matches the specified criteria
expls expls lists expiration time for files
expls expls sets expiration time for files
find find finds objects that match specific criteria
firewall fire set store-and-forward xfer mode thru firewall
free fr deletes a saved Keyset from HPSS
get g copy a file from HPSS to the client
give give give file(s) to another user
glob glob toggle filename wildcard pattern-matching on/off
groups gro list group membership
help help help explain HSI command(s)
history hist display or edit command history
hashcreate hashcr create checksum hash for HPSS file(s)
hashdelete hashdel delete checksum hash for HPSS file(s)
hashlist hashli list checksum hash for HPSS file(s)
hashls hashsi alias for "hashlist"
hashverify hashver verify checksum hash for HPSS file(s)
id id display current login identity info
idletime idle set interactive session timeout value
in in read commands from a file
keep k stores current Active Keyset values into a saved Keyset
list l  alias for "ls"
lcd lcd local “change directory”
lcdls lcdl cd followed by ls command
lls lls local “ls” command
lmd lmd alias for lmkdir
lmkdir lmkd make a local directory
ln ln create symbolic or hard link
log log write HSI log output to a file
lpwd lpwd local “print working directory”
ls ls list HPSS objects
lsconnections lscon display active HPSS server connections
lsacl lsacl list Access Control List (ACL) entries
lscos lscos list Class of Service entries
lsexp lsexp alias for "expls"
lsfset lsfset alias for “lsfileset”
lsfileset lsfiles list HPSS filesets
lshash lshash alias for "hashlist"
lsjunctions lsjunc list nameserver junctions
lssites lssi list site entries from hsirc file(s)
md md alias for "mkdir"
mdelete mdel delete file(s) with interactive override
mget mget get file(s) with interactive override
migrate mig migrate files from disk cache to tape
mkdir mkd make HPSS directory(s)
move move alias for “mv”
mput mput put files to HPSS with interactive override
mv mv move objects within HPSS directory structure
newacct newa set account ID to use for current session
newgrp newgrp set new current group for session [hsi 3.5.4]
open open open new HPSS server connection
out out write HSI listing messages to a file
put p put a file into HPSS, replace any existing file
plock plo lock file(s) in disk cache
punlock punl unlock files that were previously locked in disk cache 
progress progress file transfer progress display on/off toggle
prompt prompt on/off toggle for prompting for “mget/mput/mdel” commands
purge purge purge file(s) from HPSS disk cache
pwd pwd print current HPSS working directory
quit q alias for "end"
r r alias for "hist -s" command
rd rd alias for “rmdir”
replace rep alias for “put”
recv rec alias for "get"
remove rem alias for "rmdir" 
rename ren rename HPSS objects
rm rm remove files
rmdir rmdir remove directories
runique runique toggle creating local files with unique names
save s alias for “cput”
send send alias for "put"
set set set or list variables in the active keyset
setcon setc set current active HPSS server connection
setdrive setdr set logical drive letter for an HPSS connection 
show show show keysets
showcon showc alias for “lsconnections”
store st alias for "put"
stage sta stage file(s) onto HPSS disk cache 
su su assume identity of another HPSS user
sudo sudo issue command(s) as another HPSS user
sunique sunique toggle creating HPSS files with unique names
switch swi alias for "setcon"
touch tou update access times for, or create, HPSS objects
umask umask set file creation mask for remote files
verbose verbose toggle "verbose" mode
version vers show HSI version info
whoami whoami display current HPSS user identity