WishList items that have been implemented will continue to be displayed here for at least one release level.  Items that have been included in the current release are also listed in the News page.


In the following tables, HSI/HTAR version 3.4.x is for HPSS Release 6.2, HSI/HTAR version 3.5.x is for HPSS Release 7.1

HSI WishList Items




add ability to restrict commands like "migrate" to the HPSS admins

provide tab completion of commands in interactive mode

This would require changes to the open-source libedit library

provide a "diff" or "cmp" command to compare HPSS and local or HPSS files

provide graceful quiesce capability for HPSS maintenance periods

Coming in HSI 6.1.0 for HPSS 7.5.1

use multiple n/w connections for xfers even for non-striped HPSS COSs

Need option similar to -p to preserve only modification time or access time, but not both, on gets and puts

-q option was added to GET, PUT and CP commands

Provide a way for controllers (e.g. "hopper") to obtain info such as the current file being transferred, directory being scanned, etc. to display in a gui window before the operation actually completes

HSI (and HTAR) "-?" should display authentication methods that client was compiled with

Add default COS to use in the HSIRC file

Provide ability to stage all files in an aggregate

Add ability to control or disable retry errors (number of tries, interval between retries, type of errors retried, etc)

Add rename syntax (local : hpss) for directories to allow "put -R localdir : hpssdir" and "get -R localdir : hpssdir"

in "lscos" listing, display warnings for overlapping sizes, gaps for file sizes, and other anomalies

Add "rsync" capability

Add md5/sha1 checksums for creating/verifying files, with ability to add checksums to pre-existing files

For "mv -f source target", do not delete a pre-existing "target" if "source" does not exist

Add a "conditional cp" command with a -U option, similar to "cput"

make the path to "HPSS.conf" be a configuration item

currently uses HPSS_CFG_FILE_PATH if set. Will be added to hsirc file


sort file sizes by bucket for "put" and "get" commands, so that small file transfers are not held up by ongoing large file transfers

Added in HSI 5.0.2

add ability to interactively query progress of active commands, e.g. to see stages in progress, etc

add a "recently stored" and "recently retrieved" server-side file that can be viewed by a new hsi command, such as "recent [-r] [-w] [-d days]

provide interactive feedback to users when the maximum number of HSIGWD sessions has been reached, instead of just appearing to hang until it is this session's turn to start

This feature included in HSI 6.1.0 for HPSS 7.5.1

provide better ability to limit the maximum number of HSI/HTAR sessions that are started, based on criteria such as user, group, remote host, etc.

This feature included in HSI 6.1.0 for HPSS 7.5.1

implement a global server-side autoscheduler that works with all active HSI sessions

add a "news" command to describe newly implemented features, bugfixes, etc.

add ability to dump bitfile and storage segment attributes ala the "scrub" utility, and other selected "scrub"-style features such as diagnostics for reading/writing files

implement environment variables to replace keyset settings

add "copies = *" to the HSI COS file, to match any specified copy count when doing autocos selection

optionally have the HSIGWD create the local working directory at startup if it doesn't exist


Provide additional size display options besides -k to the DU command

HSI "find" command: add ability to find files created/read/written/modified with a given begin/end time window

Add better scripting access to support more robust batch scripts.  Add ability to specify a "success" and "failure" file for put/get/ls commands.

Ensure that errors always result in non-zero exit code in HSI

Add ability to specify varying levels of errors/warnings to cause non-zero exit codes.

log full pathnames in xferlog entries

provide an option to specify"name=value" fields in the HSI xferlog, instead of the current tab-separated fixed-format fields

provide run-time options in the hsigwd to disable specific authentication mechanisms

better "help" command options

HTAR WishList Items





Implement "update" and "append " functions in HTAR

Implement new IEEE "pax" standard to remove restrictions on pathname length, symlink target length, and max size of member files

Ability to create HPSS or local archives from files that live in HPSS, and ability to extract from HPSS or local archives into HPSS

Add option to warn,rename or abort on attempt to overwrite files on create/extract

Display periodic real-time transfer updates with transfer rate, estimated time to completion, percent transferred, etc. , for example:
" HTAR: current transfer rate = 192 MB/s ; 83% complete"

Add full support for gzip for creating compressed archive files and compressed index files. At a minimum, support building an index for, and extracting files from, an existing gzip-ed archive file, for example,
" htar -zxvf file.tar.gz"

Add a "-exclude" command line option, and an "exclude" capability in the -L file

Implement HSI-style COS restrictions for uids/gids/acctids for the -Y option

Add default COS setting for archive and index files in htarrc file

Implement equivalent of "--same-group" option in gnutar, to cause htar to attempt to set the group id of all files that are created, on an extract operation, to the gid of the member file in the archive.

Add ability to log version information in the gateway log at startup.

Add ability for sites to include local version info in "version" log messages.

Add ability to specify max local file threads on creates via environment variable.