Santa Cruz River - Tucson, Arizona

santa cruz scaled 001

The Santa Cruz river flows north close to our offices.  From the bridge above, at Ina Road,  it

appears almost dry, but Tim and I discovered that there is a waterfall almost directly

underneath the bridge, with a drop of at least 8 feet.

santa cruz scaled 002

Santa Cruz River Waterfall

Much of the Santa Cruz river water flow at this point comes from a nearby sewage treatment plant


Great Blue Heron

These are long-necked bird that stand about 4 feet tall, with a 5.5-6.5 foot wingspan.

They are seen at many of the wetlands here in Tucson - although they do nest here, they are uncommon

in Tucson during the hot summers.


Pied-billed Grebe nesting

Pied-billed Grebe nesting in the Sweetwater Wetlands



The Sweetwater Wetlands is a water treatment facility a couple of miles south of our offices.

It a riparian zone that supports a huge variety of wildlife.



There is a lot of other wildlife in the Santa Cruz River


Just kidding!  The alligator photos here were taken by our neighbor Bob

on one of his visits to New Orleans.

Just seeing if you are paying attention :)